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Information for first-time shoppers

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Information for first-time shoppers

To make your shopping in our mall quicker and more efficient, we ask you to fill out this form stating your name, address and shopping preferences. This will allow us to offer you additional functionality that will benefit you as a shopper.

Be assured that we do not sell this information to anyone!

The most fundamental benefit of supplying us with the requested information is that you will not be asked for your name and address the next time you buy a product from any of the stores in the mall. Once registered with the mall, you will be identified by a "cookie" stored on your machine. (Since cookies have "expiration dates", you may occasionally have to re-submit this information.) From then on, every time you buy a product from any of the stores in the mall, the system will remember who you are and where you want the products you buy to be shipped. However, you will always have the opportunity to correct any information in the form. The value of this feature may seem marginal, but believe us, it is a feature that you will appreciate as a frequent shopper in our mall.

Furthermore, when registering with the mall, you will be asked whether you are interested in receiving future promotional communications. If this is something that interests you, we will let you know when new stores have opened in the mall that might interest you based on your profile. We will also send you, ON A VERY SELECTIVE BASIS, notifications about product specials that correspond to your interests via Email.

Thanks for shopping in our marketplace!


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